Cosmetic Bathrooms

New Bathroom Installation

Unfortunately we no longer offer whole new bathroom installations. 

Realistic prices. Expect to pay about €9000 onwards  for everything supplied and fitted including VAT

An example of an average bathroom

Completed in 5 days

Please ask about our alternative bathroom packages.  PVC wet walls are an affordable solution if the cost for a new bathroom or re-tiling is out of budget.

Cracked tile grout or deteriorated silicone are usually the early signs of leakage, but if left too long the tiles will become loose.

Loose tiles are never a good sign and tile re-grouting is not always possible, or long lasting if there is any water damage to internal walls.

Shower doors (enclosures) and bath screens are usually the main cause of leakage in bathrooms. We supply and fit new shower doors and reseal shower areas.

Mouldy silicone around door frames and corrosion are usually a sign that the door frame is leaking. Shower enclosures in hard water areas tend to more corrosive.

If your shower looks a mess it is usually because the door frame and shower tray are leaking. Cracked tile grout usually occurs afterwards.

DIY silicone attempts are usually doing more damage to shower enclosures unless you know what you are doing. Sometimes, we can not reseal shower enclosures if someone has made a mess beforehand. But we do replace enclosures and reseal showers properly. Please include any photos or any DIY Attempts to seal your shower enclosure or any work from other tradesman.

Unfortunately we don’t re-grout floor tiles or re-tile. If you are aware that you have loose tiles or leakage shower,  it’s best you let us know beforehand. We will always do a visual inspection, but we will need to see some photos first and to know where you are located.

You can email

Please make sure to leave as much  info about your shower as possible, but photographs will say a lot more than long paragraphs, just make sure to mention if there are any loose tiles or any leakage, and also please leave your phone number in case we need to call you.

We are based in Dublin City Centre and we cover all of Dublin and some surrounding counties depending on the distance, please make sure to tell us your eircode or an accurate location before sending us information.

We are a small business, with the help of a Admin team. We are here to help with any enquiries FAQ’s

Chris will answer all your enquiries by email providing we have left enough information.

Please do not send long voicemails or videos. Photos and your location are the most important information that we need. All enquires are usually answered with 48 hours by email.